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Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities To Make Your Child Brighter And Keen

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities To Make Your Child Brighter And Keen



Intellectual Activities To Make Your Child Brighter And Keen

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities To Make Your Child Brighter And Keen. As a parent, it is amazing to see your child’s intellectual abilities rapidly develop in the initial years! In fact, a child’s brain reaches 90% of its adult development by the age of 6 years^ . And since children build their skills through observations, experiences and interactions, it becomes important to indulge your child into activities that help his/ her brain develop stronger. So, let’s take a look at a few activities that can help your child’s brain develop.

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities For 18 To 36 Month Old

Active Games

Throwing and catching balls, Playing hopscotch with numbers or picture on it , imitation games etc. challenge children’s attention, working memory, and self-control.

Conversation and Storytelling

Watching a play together, telling a story, talking about feelings, questioning in-between etc. can develop emotional management .

Matching/Sorting Games

Matching/Sorting games teach kids about shape, size and positioning. Puzzles help them develop their brain.

Imaginary Play

Play with child, give directions and allow him/her to direct you. This develops listening and communication skills. It also teaches them to take directions.

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities For 3 To 4 Year Old

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities To Make Your Child Brighter And Keen; movement games like dancing; singing; playing kids;

Story Telling By Child

Encourage the child to make up a story and share it or act it out with others to develop thinking skills. A group story telling can be more interesting as one child will start and every child sitting there will have to contribute one by one. This will challenge their attention, working memory, and imagination.

No sound Activities

Activities like yoga, matching and sorting will encourage attention control and intellectual flexibility. Matching and sorting requires kids to understand the basic rules of organizing based on different rules – color, shape, etc.

Movement Games

Engage the child in movement games like dancing to a song or a specific rhythm and ask them to synchronize words to action and the music. This will contribute to inhibitory control and working memory.

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities For 4 To 5 Year Old

High-Level Imaginary Play

Ask your child to make rules, plan the play and give roles to everyone. This will encourage the child to plan together, hold these plans in mind, and apply them during the activity.

Counting Games

Ask questions like “How many biscuits do you want?” or “how many veggies are there on the plate”. You can also play Hot and Cold game, only instead of telling them if they are getting closer to the hidden object, you can instruct them to walk 4 steps to the right and so on.

Treasure Hunt

Give your kid basic instructions using terms like behind, under, inside etc and numbers.

Brain Boosting and Intellectual Activities For 5 To 6 Year Old

Challenging Games

Engage your child in challenging games like obstacle courses and games that encourage complex motions (skipping, balancing, etc.). This will teach them the need to focus attention, monitor and adjust their actions. It also improves their coordination.

Card and Board Games

These games require players to remember and prove, it will help to boost thinking power.

Complicated Clapping Rhythms

This improves thinking power, inhibition, and intellectual flexibility.

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