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Coping with Autistic Children



“How to be successful in coping with autistic children.”

Although certain people have some pre – set conceptions about them, actually they are a very diverse group of people. When most people think about autism children, a picture what is known  as low-functioning autism come to mind. Most low function autistic kids can barely do anything. Many of them can not  speak, few of them can read, and fewer still can develop solid social skills.  Autism, however is a pretty diverse condition. As a matter of fact, many doctors think of it as a range of different issues, rather than just one. Not every autistic child will face the same problems.

My first experience with autistic children was as a tutor. I extremely surprised with the autistic child, I got to work with.  In some ways she resembled the typical images that I had come to associate with autism. She had a lot of trouble making eye contact and feeling very uncomfortable whenever someone else was in the room that needed my attention even would get extremely stressed out by even the slightest variation in her day-to-day routine. What surprised me, was how insightful and intelligent she was. Although she could not communicate well with her peers, she understood exactly what the characters in the book were going through. Her reading comprehension was incredible  and she could write great essays.

Autistic Children

When I am involved with an autistic children’s charity, I am shocked for what I am seeing. The child I use to tutor had a pretty good life as far as things went. She had a caring, supportive family and had great prospects for the future. It turned out that this is far from the universal norm among autistic children. Most of them receive in adequate care. Many of them have trouble developing even the most basic skills, whereby the future is often blank. The school tries to provide as little support as they are legally required to provide. Some of the most disadvantage autistic children out there are routinely left out by the system.

That doesn’t mean that teaching autistic childrens is impossible. Even the most low-functioning autistic kids can benefit from consistent attention. The key is to find he right services and establish a routine with a qualified, adult mentor. All kids need routines and good role models, but with autistic children that need is much greater than normal.

I have work with autistic children; knowing how to care for them helps them is most comforting.

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