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Green Tea for Weight Loss



Green Tea for Weight Loss

Excessive weight leads to a great deal of health related problems like, blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, and so on. It is therefore necessary to keep weight under control for a healthy and disease free life. Weight watchers may include the daily intake of green tea in their routines. Coupled with an exercise schedule and a balanced diet, the benefits of green tea are abundant.

Ongoing investigations show some positive results linked to components of green tea like epigallocatechin (EGCG), theanine and other polyphenols. Green tea having a high content of catechins, reacts with the chemicals in the body and increases the level of oxidation of fat cells. Green tea also increases the intensity of thermogenesis, which is the ability of the body to generate heat physiologically. As a result of increased oxidation and thermogenesis body fats are used as fuels that increases metabolism and enhances higher calorie burn, leading to weight loss.

Green tea also affects weight loss indirectly, by lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar. The components of green tea help in lowering the bad cholesterol i.e. the LDL cholesterol levels along with regulating the triglyceride level, by controlled discharge of carbohydrates. The catechins present in green tea, regulate the glucose levels in the blood by inhibiting the action of amylase, a digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates that raise the sugar levels.

Green tea for weight loss

The caffeine and catechin polyphenol work together to stimulate the process of thermogenesis. This synergy also seems to prolong the effect of thermogenesis, leading to an increased rate of fat oxidation. Thereby making your calories to burn faster and longer even when you are not exercising!! Green tea is also believed to inhibit the action of fatty acid synthase, which is responsible for turning starch into fats. This helps you to lose body fat naturally and safely.

Green tea may be consumed through fat burners having a good amount of it, in the formulation or the most convenient and cheap option is to have capsules of green tea. However, replacing your regular cup of coffee or tea with green tea is the healthiest way to consume green tea. Thus, exploit the fat burning and weight loss benefits by drinking that refreshing cup of green tea regularly.

Don’t begin a diet regime just because someone has commented you on your extra flab or because you wish to look slim and prettier. Essentially it has to be just for the fact that you intend to have a better and healthier life for yourself.

Obese people often can’t deal with the psychological consequence of being ‘fat and some people have low self acceptance and approval. They consider themselves to be socially misfit and feel depressed about the way they look. Therefore, it is recommended that a healthy lifestyle maybe adopted. A balanced diet with lots of fruits and green vegetables coupled with a daily exercise routine would definitely save us from being victimized by obesity.

The avocado nutrition composition consists of a healthy dose of folate, Vitamin B, which is useful for promoting tissue and cell development, and potassium, which helps to maintain the electrical balance required for nerve conduction.

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