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Bust Your HIV/AIDS Myths – Proper right here and Now!

If curiosity can kill the cat, so does ignorance. Myths are like that. Do not blindly observe and picture in regardless of you concentrate from peer and people. Protect your self with the updated with the info of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS and HIV are comparable

No, positively not. HIV is the virus that causes the sickness AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), which is a gaggle of diseased conditions coming collectively when the immune system turns into weak and is not capable of defending the physique in opposition to outside infections.

Even on being examined constructive for HIV, it would not basically suggest that the person has AIDS.

Nonetheless, when left untreated, the hazardous HIV an an infection may severely damage the person’s immunity, which can end in AIDS.

AIDS is the superior stage of HIV induce an infection. The time interval between getting contaminate with HIV after which turning into diseased with AIDS can differ someplace from 2-10 years and customarily even longer.

Shaking palms, coughing, sneezing and completely different social conduct from an HIV particular person can unfold an an infection

No, Thankfully, HIV would not unfold by the use of air, water or meals. The virus would not maintain alive for a extremely prolonged interval outside the human physique.

Subsequently, such contacts causal contacts like a peck on cheek, hugging, shaking palms, sharing glasses, spoons or completely different household objects, sneezing, or coughing would not finish outcome throughout the unfold of this virus from one particular person to a distinct.

Kissing a HIV constructive particular person is OK

Not exactly. That’s little troublesome. HIV cannot be transmit by the use of kissing when solely pores and pores and skin to pores and pores and skin contact happens, like a peck on cheek or hand nevertheless when kissing contains tongue and alternate of saliva with an HIV constructive particular person, then it isn’t a very good suggestion.

Saliva can embody small concentrates of the virus and whether or not it’s stain with blood, the prospect of contracting the an an infection turns into extreme.

There’s an opportunity of a decrease or ulcer in and throughout the mouth and the virus may enter the blood stream from there.

Solely blood, semen or vaginal secretions can transmit HIV virus

No. Completely different physique fluids like blood, pre-cum, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk might embody HIV and all can transmit the virus.

Completely different secretions like sweat, saliva, tears and urine may even embody virus in them nevertheless in a rather a lot smaller focus and the possibilities are faint.

Nonetheless, if any physique fluid is stain with blood, the prospect of transmission on a regular basis stays there.


“I’m HIV constructive – I’ll die”.

That’s a very powerful delusion of all. At current, the looks of latest antiretroviral treatment permits HIV constructive of us and even of us with AIDS to reside rather a lot common, longer and productive lives.

The importance is of “prevention”. Apply protected intercourse and examine your self usually, in case you’ve got quite a few sexual companions.

Though we get to take heed to, study and know many myths, it is on a regular basis advisable to not think about one thing with out getting it verified by the specialists.

Sooner than considering, any delusion ‘actuality’ it is important to get it checked from a broadly recognized provide or a search the recommendation of a superb doctor.

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