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Home Remedies for Back Ache



Backache is a common ailment in today’s world. Backache occurs due to problem in muscles, nerves, ligaments or joints. Following are the causes for Back Ache and symptoms of Back Ache, Home Remedies for Back Ache and tips to cure backache.

Causes for Back Ache :

 Home Remedies for Back Ache :

  • Massage the back with garlic oil.

Garlic oil preparation – Fry 10 cloves of garlic in coconut or mustard oil.”

  • Massaging the back with mint oil provides relief for back pain.
  • Apply hot packs with hot water bottle or hot towel on the back to relieve back pain
  • Mix lemon juice with salt and consume twice a day .This will relieve back pain.
  • Take vitamin C  and  Vitamin  D rich foods like carrot,tomato,cauliflower,cucumber,radish,onion and lettuce
  • Keeping a folded towel under the curve on the back and resting will relieve back pain
  • Follow correct posture during sitting , standing or lying
  • Above all are very easy to use with best results
Home Remedies for Back Ache
Home Remedies for Back Ache

Prevention of Back Ache :

  • Sit with your back properly supported
  • Never bend from your waist. Bend your knees and lift objects close to your body.
  • While Sleeping on your back, keep a pillow under the knee and while sleeping on side, keep a pillow between the knees .
  • Weight control: maintaining normal body weight will prevent backache.
  • Avoid fatty, spicy fried foods
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