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Home Remedies for Bedwetting



Bedwetting is characterized by involuntary urinating in bed while sleeping. This mostly occurs in children unknowingly and unintentionally. It is also known as enuresis.

Lets learn more about causes , symptoms, treatment and prevention of bedwetting.

Causes of bedwetting:

Symptoms of bedwetting:

  • Urinating at nighttime in bed
  • Constipation
  • Straining while urinating
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Discoloration of urine

Home Remedies for bedwetting:

  • Teach Bladder Strengthening Exercise: try to do as though you are trying to stop in between while urinating. Do not do this exercise while urinating as controlling urine will cause urinary tract infection.
  • Massaging the inner thigh before going to bed helps to control it.
  • Chew 1 cinnamon bark before going to bed. This helps to cure this problem.
  • Give 1 teaspoon of walnut and 1 teaspoon of raisins to the child before going to bed. This helps to control .
  • Drink a cup of cranberry juice 1 hour before going to bed to control this.
  • Above all remedies are very effective and easy to use.

Prevention of bedwetting:

  • Go to bathroom before going to bed.
  • Drink lot of water during day time and take less water after evening time.
  • Avoid eating excessive chocolates
  • Avoid tea and coffee before going to bed.
  • Wake up your child at midnight and urge him to go to bathroom and then sleep.
  • Include food rich in calcium, silica and magnesium like almonds and bananas.
  • Do not punish your child if he has bedwetting habit. Instead advise him and give necessary treatment as mentioned.
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