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Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow



Inflammation of the tendon that attaches the muscles (extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle) of the forearm to the elbow joint is known as Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. Let’s learn more about of Causes for Tennis Elbow, Symptoms of Tennis Elbow, Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow and Prevention of Tennis Elbow.

Causes for Tennis Elbow :

Playing with ball which is heavy

Doing repeated activities like screw driving, squeezing, etc

Pressure on radial nerve

Damage of tendon or muscle or ligament around the elbow joint

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow :

Swelling around elbow joint

Tenderness and pain around elbow joint

Weakness in the wrist while doing some simple task like grasping or holding small objects or while shaking hands

Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow :

Apply ice pack on the affected area. This reduces swelling and relieves Tennis Elbow.

Take fish in your diet as it contains Omega -3fatty acid helps which reduces inflammation in the joint.

Drink Ginger tea. This helps to get rid of Tennis elbow

Put baked and warmed potatoes into a bag to form a pack and keep this on affected elbow joint for 20 minutes. This helps to reduce swelling and pain.

Prevention of Tennis Elbow :

Avoid doing squeezing activities with your hand like squeezing your clothes after washing, etc.,

Protective tennis elbow braces can be wore for support.

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