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How To Maintain Weight Loss and be Healthy with 11 Diet Tips



A very important aspect of weight loss that most of people tend to ignore is maintaining weight loss. Losing weight is not as tough as maintaining it. If you do not maintain the weight you have shed after a diet then it becomes easy to gain back all the weight you have shed, which in turn not only affects your waistline but also your BMI. So once that you have taken an effort to lose all the extra kilos it’s better to keep a check upon yourself and maintain the slim look.

Weight Loss

There are a few ways in which you can maintain the weight that you have lost. To begin with, you keep a check on your eating habits. During the time that you shed weight, you develop healthy eating habits. These habits should be maintained even after the diet is over. Making healthy choices will feel normal once you give yourself time, of say around a month, after weight loss program to internalize these healthy eating habits.

Exercise plays a key role in maintaining weight loss. It has been seen that those who continued to exercise after completion of the weight loss program are more likely to maintain weight after losing those extra pounds. Also, you need to keep a check upon the number of hours you spend on the couch. Hours, spent in front of the TV or computer are also responsible in regaining weight. Again, you are more likely to regain weight if you have lost large amount of weight in short period of time. So, it is wise to exercise regularly and maintain a diet over a considerable period of time to lose weight rather than exercising rigorously for a short period of time and then gaining all of it back again.

It has been seen that those who are able to control their weight after a diet keep a watch on their portion size. Also, they eat breakfast everyday of the week. So, if you are planning to skip breakfast to maintain your weight control, then think again. A very nice way to keep a check upon your weight is to feel good about yourself. Keep a picture of yours when you looked like a Japanese sumo and of the present when you can compete with any supermodel and look at both of them when you feel tempted to indulge yourself over the limit. Also, keep reminding yourself of the days when you used to feel exhausted after workout during your weight loss days. Keep yourself away from temptations and live a healthier and weight free life.

Start eating healthy breakfast with nutrients, brown bread. Lunch can be healthy salads and a little portion of fish (fish doesn’t make you fat). Dinner with more of proteins and nutrient food is good. Chicken once in a while ensures your stomach doesn’t really feel left out. Cut out on rice as much as possible. Following his instructions can help shed a few pounds very easily. It takes time but following a routine is key to weight loss. So, those of you waiting for a miracle to happen, wake up, get rid of your laziness and work on yourself.

Simple Dieting Tips For Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss and dieting often go hand in hand. In fact if you think about it, you may agree that this truly makes sense. What you need to understand is when you are under a weight loss program you need to be careful and watch your diet as this may help you to lose weight rapidly. Dieting includes almost everything like the weight loss plan you opt for, habits that may help you to stop gaining weight, what a large portion of food you eat, how many veggies and fruits you need to intake, and just about everything that you may probably imagine.When you begin with a loss loss regime you need to know which plan suits you the best. It may be a a pre-packaged food plan, or a group plan or even a plan that may just reduce your calories and fats and add exercise to your day. In fact there are many ways to observe dieting in the right way as opposed to losing weight in an unhealthy fashion.

Normally people suppress their hunger when they start dieting. This is totally wrong. In fact your healthy weight loss plan may include:

VEG Weight Loss
Dieting Tips

1. Counting calories and you may eat 6 small meals in place of 3 large one

2. You need to add exercise for at least 5 times a week to your everyday routine

3. Always weigh yourself once a week and morning time is highly recommended

4. You may intake only small portions of the high calorie meal and large quantity of fruits and leafy vegetables

5. The best way to lose weight is having a meal on a table and not in front of a television or computer

6. Think about why you’re eating when you don’t feel hungry

7. Understand about the bad fats and carbohydrates that are in your diet

8. In addition keep a track of your progress and think well before you put anything in your mouth

9. Have a positive attitude and don’t quit your regime merely due to the fact you have had a bad week on your diet

Initially when you start your diet program you may find it meticulous to check all the nutritional labels and compare foods for lower calories and fats. But in the end you may feel that all that strain was well worth as the results may be fantastic.

After you start following the healthy diet regime as prescribed above in your daily routine you may see rapid weight loss from your body. In addition remember to practice these simple things:

10. Drink more water

11. Replace your cookie jars with fresh fruits and vegetables

Make sure you use the stairs and not take the elevator as this may be a great exercise for you

These kinds of little things add up and may prove to be highly beneficial in your future diet regime.

It’s necessary that you get your mind in the correct place from the time you begin your diet. Analyze as to why you wish to lose weight and also set a goal and achieve it. It’s upto you decide the right time to start your diet program.

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