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Nutrition “that extends our life and years”



Nutrition “that extends our life and years” food is needs for our bodies for the supply of various substances such as proteins, carbohydrates, fat , vitamins and more, which are necessary for sustaining and supporting the body, for development and sustenance of life.

Our bodies serve as a mirror for nutrition in our lives. Eating properly and balanced, while maintaining proper dietary information and proper dietary principles, will bring balance to the body, health and positive influence in various tiers both physically and mentally.

On the other hand, eating poor quality means a diet that is unsuitable for man and his body and failure to adhere to nutrition principles will result in poor body building and imbalance. The body will signal this by creating irregularities and illnesses in the body.

The food we eat and the way it is ate affects all the body’s systems.
In an age where everything is consume quickly and immediately, nutrition and eating awareness are of paramount importance.

The food details that match each person should be examine and select according to their associated dosages , seasons, health status, lifestyle, and more.

General Nutrition Principles

  • Eat only when hunger arises.
  • Take care to eat as your body requires, keeping in mind the quantity.
  • Meal regularity – eating habits and hours of the day.
  • Eat in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere without distractions (TV, reading, conversation) that allows concentration in the meal.
  • It is important to chew your food well in order to allow normal digestion process.
  • While sitting there eating. Do not eat standing up, lying down or walking.
  • You can sip a little water (not cold) meal, but you should not drink multi-meal and after dinner next.
  • eat until almost full we feel a sense of satiety. Do not eat beyond the level of fullness.
  • It is important that most meals will be cook properly and eat hot.
  • You can eat another meal, only after previous meal ingested. (about 4 hours)
  • Eating a meal close to bedtime can be heavy and difficult to digest. Therefore, do not eat before bed and at night.
  • When anger, fatigue, sadness and strong emotions, try to postpone the meal for an hour when calm and calm will come.
  • Do not cook or heat honey.
  • The meal should be allowed a reasonable amount of time, and not rushed to eat.
  • Avoid drinking cold drinks and eating cold food from the fridge.
  • After a meal, move around the room slightly. If there is a feeling of fatigue, lie on the left side of the body and do not fall asleep.

Food combinations that are not recommend in general nutrition according to dosages.

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