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Garlic Despite the fact that it is ingnored constantly because of its pungent smell, the medical advantages of this marvel vegetable are unique. A stable in most non veggie lover dishes, garlic is used aplenty in many foods. 2-3 raw pod of garlic chew every early morning which can help bring down cholesterol. Packed with antioxidant, boosts immunity with anti-inflammatory properties, soothes psoriasis breakouts, when connected topically. Absorb feet in lukewarm water mixed with garlic paste to treat athlete’s foot. Common home solution for treating skin break out. Reduces blood pressure . Expands insulin discharge and controls glucose levels

Turmeric In most likelihood, India gave this marvel spice to the world. This must-have spice in every Indian household is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Intense in calming and sterile. Helpful in purifying cuts and burns. Reduces the risk of childhood leukemia. A natural liver detoxifier. Studies recommend positive outcome in inhibiting cancer spread. Speeds wound healing and help with rebuilding of harmed skin. Beneficial in psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Honey A natural sugar, honey has been utilized since ages in home solutions for treating a few infections and conditions. It has compelling antibacterial and germ-free properties. Natural vitality supporter due to high glucose and fructose (carbohydrates) content Its germ-free properties help in restraining development of specific micro-organisms and keep twisted contamination under control Said to have hostile to cancer-causing and tumor averting properties Natural moisturiser; retains hydration Powerful solution for treating sore throats and cough fortify the body’s guards against sicknesses (resistance)

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