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Weight Loss Tips For The Elderly



Excess weight or obesity may happen to anyone and it suited for people of any age. Getting rid of the excess flab is what is required and what is applicable to young or adults may not always be applicable to the seniors. Weight loss is something that belongs to this category only. While adults are told to exercise and at the same time, control their diets, making seniors control their diets would not be a good option. For a senior who is looking towards controlling his weight, there are many options to choose from.

Excess weight adds stress onto the heart and other body muscles near knees, ankles etc. which come under extensive use while walking. Of late with the opening of large number of fast food restaurants, numbers of cardio vascular cases in the hospitals have been seeing a rising trend. Medically, as we grow in age, the intra muscular fat starts increasing instead of subcutaneous fat as in the case of younger people. Intra muscular fats are more dangerous because they accumulate around the vital organs and hinder their performance (subcutaneous fat lies below the muscles and pose no immediate threat).

The reason why seniors or the elderly are advised not to indulge in dietary plans is because doing this would lead to reduction in muscle mass thus causing physical weakness. Add to it the weakness being caused by old age and we have a major problem at hand. Instead, if an exercise routine is put to practice, not only would it increase muscle strength but also make him fitter. It would be worth mentioning here that the exercise regime has to be moderate and should not demand extreme workouts (it may lead to other old age problems). At the same time, a less than moderate workout would prove to be useless.

Just because they are not restricted from eating food, they do not get the license to eat anything and everything. Junk food remains an absolute no with more preference to organic and unprocessed food. Fatty items can be replaced by those which have low fats. The aim is not to reduce on the calorie count.

They are required to be regular with the exercise and not leave it midway. Brisk walks around the neighborhood or a public ground would be good to start with. Jogging is another option to opt for part from using a tread mill in a gym. Other options include practicing cycling and swimming. At any time, if the muscles start to pain or they think that they are not up for it, all it requires from them is to reduce their exercise regime by a couple of notches.

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If they are fond of gym workouts, they can indulge themselves in low weight training to keep the muscles working at all times (especially in the case of post-menopausal woman) who are known to suffer from bone density problems because of the age. Just make sure that whatever regime is selected, it is followed properly without fault. If not done properly, all that was achieved over a long time would be lost within no time (human body has the tendency to regain what is lost very quickly if proper care is not taken).

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