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What to eat this Monsoon – An Healthy Diet packed with Nutrition



What to eat this Monsoon – An Healthy Diet packed with Nutritio

As monsoon season affects the immune system of our body , that’s why we need to be little careful what we eat , drink during this season . So let discuss about the diet to have this monsoon season .

Healthy Diet tips for Monsoon Season

Eat Fruits which are available in monsoon season : Fruits like apple , jamuns ,litchi, plums , cherries ,peaches , papaya , pears , and pomegranates helps to improve the immune system .(Say No no… to Water Melon and Muskmelon ) .

Keep away from Salt : Too much intake of salt may cause water retention and high blood pressure which may cause other health related problems .

Say big no no for watery Foods : Foods like Butter milk , Lassi , rice , Water Melon , etc … can cause water retention in body that may cause swelling . Please avoid such food during Monsoon .

Garlic : Please include garlic in food which may help to improve immune system .

One Bowl of Curd : Curd or Yoghurt helps to avoid any possibilities of bad bacteria entering the Body .

Boil Water : Boil water before you drink it .

Avoid Heavy Oils : Please don’t use oils like sesame , peanut and mustard oil , prefer corn oil or any other light oil .

Eat Bitter: Eat Methi and bitter gourd which can help from preventing infections .

Don’t eat spicy food : Avoid eating spicy food as it increases body temperate and stimulates blood circulation which leads to faster spread of allergies .

Avoid Non –Veg : Please limit your intake of non–veg for couple of Months . Instead have light and clear soups or stew .

Don’t eat Raw : Avoid eating raw food such as salad …. Steam it to enjoy it .

Drink Water which is Herbal : Those who are suffering from infection and fever during Monsoon season can find relief with the preparation of herbal water … Ingredients like ginger , tulsi , and some medicated spices like cloves , pepper , cinnamon and cardamom .

Ban Street Food : Try to avoid pre cut fruits , fired food , junk food or any street food to avoid any

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