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Why am I always tired?



You may be sometimes wondering, “Why am I always tired?” or maybe you just don’t do your work with the energy you once did.

Nowadays, fatigue and a lack of energy are a big problem for many people, but these problems can only be addressed if you get to know what is wrong.

There are many reasons for your tiredness and along with the reasons there are many steps to be taken to avoid fatigue or tiredness. So the reasons with the steps to avoid them are-

• Lack Of Sleep- It is the main reason for fatigue or tiredness. People nowadays sleep very less and think that it won’t harm their health.

But getting under the recommended hours of sleep (i.e. 7 hours or more each night) is not only associated with fatigue but also has an adverse effect on health.

People who sleep less than the recommended hours of sleep suffer from many problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, and many more.

The steps that can be taken to fit in recommended hours of sleep are:

• Avoid naps – Taking small naps reduces the sleep at night which adversely affects the health.
• Ensure your bedroom is suitable for a gentle sleep – Your bedroom should be cooler and any light that enters your room should not disturb your sleep.
• Maintain a consistent sleep – Maintain a proper sleep and follow the routine every day even on weekends.
• Avoid tobacco and alcohol before bed – Consuming alcohol or smoking before bed affects the sleep.
• Excessive Stress – A little stress is healthy but excessive stress causes physical and emotional exhaustion. Situations like work, financial problems, major life events can cause excessive stress.

The steps that can be taken to avoid excessive stress are:

 Learn to say no – Be aware of your limits and learn to say no to the things beyond your reach.
• Avoid those who stress you out – Avoid negative people who cause you stress.
• Learn to forgive – Human beings make mistake so let go of anger and learn to forgive people.
• Physical Exercise – Go for a walk or cycling or do some gym to relieve stress.
• Poor Diet – Diet is the most important thing for maintaining your health so to banish tiredness, the easiest way is to modify your diet. Choose your diet plan which consists of everything like fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.

Why am I always tired?

The steps that can be taken to improve your diet are:

• Cut down on sugar – Avoid foods and drinks with sugar as sugar wears off fast and might make you feel more tired.
• Drink enough water – Drinking more water prevents dehydration.
• Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables – Have fruits and vegetables in your meal.
• Eat at regular intervals – Taking small meals at regular intervals helps to keep up the body energy.
• Medications – There are many medical conditions which also make you feel tired like-
 Anemia – In this medical reason, you feel you can’t be bother to do any work and muscles feel heavy and you feel tire. It is due to iron deficiency.
• Diabetes – It is causes due to excess of sugar in the blood which makes you feel tire always.
• Depression – As you feel sad, it makes you feel drained of energy. Even can stop you from falling asleep or cause you to wake up early in the morning.
• Anxiety – People, who have uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, affect their daily life making them worried and irritable.

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