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Why is Obesity Becoming Prevalent in Women?



Why is Obesity Becoming Prevalent in Women? No woman appreciates any negative remark about her appearance. At present, common women or the celebrity women, they all have been liable to this uncool culture of “body shaming”. Thus, women are becoming more cautious and conscious about their appearance. We all know how women struggle and perform various tasks so as to keep up their work life balance. Be that as it may, with the battle against time, they end up ignoring their health. Therefore, leading way of life related illnesses like: obesity, hypertension, stress and so on. Let’s understand now why there is an increased incidence of obesity in women.

For what reason is Obesity Becoming Prevalent in Women?

Insights – Obesity in Women:

Let’s look at some obesity statistics of women. According to a research report:

2 of 3 urban ladies are obese in India. Ladies in India face biasedness at the work environment and in personal life if their BMI is 27 or more.

80% of working Indian ladies of the age bunch 25-45 years was obese because of their inactive way of life and changing nourishment propensities

This then lead to prompts an endless loop of enthusiastic eating and putting on weight.

Reasons for Obesity in Women:

Now let’s discuss the causes of obesity in women. During the process of weight gain till the extent of being obese is when we tend to overeat and stay physically inactive at a stretch. The causes of obesity in women include the following:

Eating unpredictably

Eating in scramble

Excessive eating

Low quality nourishments and snacks

Impacts of Obesity:

With weight, there are numerous unfriendly impacts of obesity seen. Overweight ladies are at an expanded danger of conditions like the accompanying:


Elevated cholesterol levels

Type 2 diabetes

Heart ailments (coronary heart illnesses)


Malignant growths

Conceptive issue like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which at that point prompts fruitlessness

Aside from these, there are psychological instabilities that are related with obesity like:



Low certainty/confidence

Self – humiliation

The best thing you can do for the obesity prevention is to avoid the risks that cause it. You can simply follow a proper eating pattern and stay physically active.

Remember – You are your best judge for your health!

You simply need to comprehend that you are yourself in charge of keeping your body fit. Counteractive action is of most extreme significance. To live a healthy and a happy life one must have self-control to avoid all the things that are harmful for our body.

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